Safdasan | ABOUT US

About the Artist:

A native New Yorker, born and raised in East Harlem, a.k.a. El Barrio, I've been exposed to a healthy dose of comic books, cartoons, movies, and music. At the core of all these things are stories. Drawing from (pun intended) these creative story-telling mediums, as well as from spending plenty of time in the streets of NY, led to a style that shifts from social consciousness, where it reflects the many scenes and faces of society, to pop culture, and sometimes a combination of both.

I've been putting crayon to paper as early as age three, crudely drawing whatever I found interesting. As I grew and began to develop my drawing skills (with pencil), I realized that this is what I enjoy doing. This is why I draw. I enjoy it. Having transitioned into mainly working on logo designs for various people (many in the music industry) for more than ten years, I found myself missing the joy of illustration. So missing the joy of drawing, I find myself getting back to what I love doing - illustrating.






About The Work

The content of my work centers on the human figure, which is primary and the background is secondary. I tend to go for realism in my work, although I also enjoy doing work that has a cartoonish or playful look to it. Ultimately, my goal is to tell a story with my art. I draw inspiration from many things around me. From the people in my life to people I meet. Books, movies, music, you name it. Contrary to what some believe, in addition to the creativity and talent that goes into any work of art, it is also equal parts thought process. Yes, artists think as well as feel.

My roots in illustration lie in the traditional methods - good old fashion pencil and paper, pen and ink, oils, acrylics, markers, and airbrush. I still begin much of my art work drawing on paper. I've added digital painting to my toolbox and use Photoshop, Illustrator, Painter 11, and Sketchbook Pro for the iPad for sketching and putting down ideas when I'm on the go.

So now that you know a little about me, I hope you'll proceed to take a look at my work, if you haven't already. If you like what you see and think my style of work is what you're looking for, please feel free to contact me.